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Monday, 26 November 2007 00:13
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation is agency for international cooperation within the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland. In cooperation with the respective federal departments, SDC is responsible for the overall coordination of developmental activities and cooperation with Eastern Europe, as well as for the humanitarian aid.

Switzerland has supported Macedonia since 1992, by means of bilateral cooperation and by contributing to the international programs. As of 1996, Macedonia is a priority country of the Switzerland's cooperation with Eastern Europe and the New Independent States. SDC/SECO Cooperation Program for the period 2005 – 2008 provides support for activities in the field of democracy management and promotion, infrastructural development on municipal level, as well as creation of new jobs and business promotion. Special attention is given to the preservation of the ethnic diversity and promotion of good relations with the neighboring countries.

Developmental cooperation: Priorities
The 2005-2008 Program is focused on three priority fields:
  • Supporting the establishment of governance system based on democratic principles: promoting dialogue between the state and the civil society; contributing to the better mutual understanding among communities and conflict prevention; developing media-friendly environment.
  • Supporting the development of basic infrastructure and access to sustainable social services on local level, with an emphasis on the access of the vulnerable group members in the society; upgrading water supply infrastructure; promoting civil participation in the development of social services and basic infrastructure on municipal level. 
  • Supporting sustainable economic development: promoting creation of new jobs and establishing business culture; encouraging trade and investments; promoting social dialogue and encouraging environmentally sustainable economic approaches.
Following are the cross-cutting issues in all fields:
  • Gender issues: improving the equitable representation of men and women in all societal, economic and political sectors by projects and programs.
  • Stabilization through regional integration: maintaining good relations with the neighboring countries, as well as preserving the ethnic diversity.
 The SDC and SECO Cooperation Strategy 2009 - 2012 is aligned to Macedonia's strategic orientation and documents and has been designed to focus and consolidate Swiss cooperation in Macedonia. The strategy draws on acquired sector and country expertise and leverages related networks. It benefits from past investments and strategic assets accumulated, while also opening up promising avenues. The overall aim is to support the Macedonian transition and European integration process by contributing to improvements in the following areas:
• Further development of a democratic state, with parliament effectively formulating laws and controlling policies, local government delivering European-standard services to citizens, and civil society holding public services and the private sector accountable;
• Establishing the sustainable use of natural resources, i.e. facilitating the implementation of an integrated water resource management system, and the long-term enforcement of environmental policies.

The thematic portfolio focuses on two domains and related sub-domains:
1. Rule of Law and Democracy, implemented by SDC, with the sub-domains Facilitating Decentralisation, Strengthening Civil Society and Mainstreaming Democratic Lawmaking.
2. Water and Environment, implemented by SECO & SDC, with the sub-domains: Water and Wastewater Management and Protection of Biodiversity.
Regional cooperation is an essential element of the Cooperation Strategy in terms of solving region-specific problems through cooperation between countries, improving relations and enhancing mutual trust.
In addition, Gender and Good Governance have been selected as transversal themes for all projects and programmes. In order to increase its aid effectiveness, the strategy adheres to the principles of interventions, i.e. country-specific adaptations of the principles of the Paris Declaration.

  • International NGOs with Offices in Macedonia
  • Swiss agencies in Macedonia 
  • Local NGOs 
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises 
  • Governmental bodies 
  • Municipal and local authorities.


Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
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